Our mobsters with Betty White

The Beverly Kill-Billies

Move to California, Jed!  They won't convict anybody in California - not even OJ!

A Christmas Gory

Leg lamps and larceny.

Deadly Dancing

Who is killing all those people at the summer camp, Camp Crystal Lake?  Freddy the 13th, the sexy dancer who looks like Patrick Swayze - or the person sitting beside you?  Teen romance meets horror in this hilarious homicide!

Dr. Who Dunnit?

A time traveler solves histories greatest mysteries!

Gilligan's Island of Death

No guns, no knives, no razor blades, not a single luxury. The castaways are discovered by a film crew who want to pit them against each other for a new reality show in which each of them will be voted off the island - or killed!

The Hamilton Homicide

Who shot Alexander Hamilton? Hip hop meets homicide in this musical mystery!

Gone with the Passing of the Wind

When Scarlett O'Hara's many husbands turn up dead, Rhett Butler becomes convinced she had each one murdered. Will Scarlett survive Rhett's wrath? Frankly, my dear, you'll have to see for yourself.

A Few Good Murders

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Jack Nicholson bites the dust in the midst of a military trial for murder!

The Grapes of Death

Will the corpse become the newest ingredient in a "full bodied" wine?  See for yourself in this sparkling mystery!

The Hallmark Homicide


This show is better than most Hallmark movies.  Which isn't saying much.  

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Murder

Who killed the first Mrs. Von Trapp? The disgusting agent Max? The evil Nazi delivery boy? One of the Captain’s many annoying children? Big burly Mother Superior? Or Mary Poppins herself?

The Hitchcock Homicide

Norman Bates tries to murder his mother - who for all we know, is already dead! That is, if the birds got to her first!

I Kill Lucy


"Lucy!!!  I'm home-icdal!"

I'll Be Homicidal for Christmas

Scrooge gets whacked in this holiday themed mystery!

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To


A 1950's birthday party and sock hop goes horribly wrong.  

It's a Wonderful Death

It's the company Christmas party -- but George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) is nowhere in sight. Is he planning to kill himself, the way he tried to do when his savings and loan was shut down? Or this time -- is he planning to kill someone else? Only Clarence the guardian angel can help us now

I've Got Friends in Buried Places

Murder in the Wild West.  Who dunnit?  The Lone Ranger?  Tonto?  The wild cowboy?  Or the person you’d least suspect!


King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table investigate Murder Mediaeval style.

Lifeless in Seattle

Romantic comedy meets cold blooded murder.  “I’ll kill what she’s killing!”

Mayberry R.I.P.

Join Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea and Goober as they investigate murder Mayberry style.

Murder at Bunny & Clyde's

Noted bootleg wine makers Bunny and Clyde have invited their closest friends and enemies to join them for an evening of inter-active fun. Rumor has it that Clyde may meet his demise during the course of the evening -- and that the murderer could even be the person sitting beside you! Will the bumbling French detective Jacques La Cop be the first to solve the crime and win a prize - or will you?

Murder at the Class Reunion

Act One takes place at a typical high school. Act Two takes place at the class reunion, twenty years later. Sometime in between, the principal has died - or has he been murdered? Who could have done it? The class jock, the class clown, the cheerleader? Or the person sitting beside you?

Murder at the Haunted Winery

Pansy, Roger Worthington's first wife has been murdered. Who dunnit?  Was it Jeeves the psychotic but lovable butler? Abigail, the beautiful but greedy fiance? Or the person sitting beside you?  Find out in this inter-active comedy of terrors!

Murder on the Disoriented Express

There's been a murder on the Disoriented Express, and the best criminal minds have been called in to help -- Sherlock Holmes, Lieutenant Columbo, Charlie's Angels and Barney Fife from Mayberry. Will they solve the crime first, or will you?

My Fair Murder

Can Professor Henry Higgins take a low life trailer trash and transform her into a lady at the local society ball? As we know, love can change anything -- but then again, so can murder!

No Schick, Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson come through many a close shave as the investigate "The Case of the Slashing Razor".

Offing Ferris Bueller

Bueller gets away with murder!  And so does his killer.

Pretty Woman of Death

When a wealthy businessman falls for a "working gal" from the wrong side of the tracks, things suddenly go wrong in a romantic, funny - and violent - way!  Even Batman and Robin are called in to help!  Will they solve the mystery first - or will you?

Scary Poppins

A spoonful of arsenic helps the cyanide go down.

Scooby Doom


Is Scooby doomed?  Or is he just rolling over and playing dead?  It's up to those meddling kids to find out!

Silence of the Elves

Buddy goes Ballistic

Slay It Again, Sam

"Here's looking at murder, kid." Who can be trusted at Rick's Cafe? No one, if they're all out to steal the Maltese Chicken.

We're Off to Kill the Wizard

I think we're not in Kansas, anymore, Toto. I think we're in criminal court. Who dunnit? The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow? Or is it Auntie M - for Murder?

When Irish Spies are Dying

High tech secret agent intrigue and mystery in the Emerald Isle.  Could the Lord of the Dance be the Lord of the Death?  Saints preserve us - from murder!  

Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire?

The fabulously wealthy multi-millionaire Farnsworth Eddington Radley the Third is due to marry the eminent dowager Pneumonia Claymont Glitch in the social event of the century - until something goes horribly wrong. Will murder be the "final answer"?

Who Whacked Willy Wonka?

Who whacked Willy Wonka?  Uncle Joe?  Violet?  One of those horrible oompa loompas?  Find out when Charlie visits the Crime Factory.

Young Dead Frankenstein

A Halloween Homicide!  Could the killer be Dr. Frankenstein?  Or Dr. Fronk-en-steen?


The Yuletide Homicide

Mystery and Mistletoe


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